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Rutas y Sendas

From North to South, from East to West, in mountain areas, green routes... the Region of Madrid has a networking of Routes that run through all over the rural corers, the natural protected areas, the ravines and cattle routes and many more paths.

The best way to get to know the protected areas of the Region of Madrid is through the routes and paths. There are guided tours for everybody (although they are mainly focused on children, adults and groups of people with some special requirements) through the cattle routes. You can take the route called TRASHUMAD (the Route of Madrid of the transhumance), where besides enjoying the fresh air, you can learn more about the ecosystems of our Region.

Contact our Tourism Office or go to an Environmental Education Centre to get more information about the paths and activities organized.

Walk all over this region with your family, friends, or take a guided tour with monitors in the surroundings of the Environmental Education Centres. You also have information about ideal elopements to enjoy the nature by riding a horse, as our ancestors did, since there was a time, believe it or not, that there were no cars.

Routes for Everybody

If you are disabled or you travel with someone who is, you have special and accessible itineraries.

In case you have motor disabilities we recommend you to take the Water Path (in the Rincón Range), the route "Walking into the Mementos of the Alameda" (in Alameda del Valle), the Fuente del Venero (in Zarzalejo), the Parks of Polvoranca and Bosque Sur (in Leganés), the Walks to Remember through Pinilla del Valle or a walk into El Campillo (Cortados de Rivas).

There are also two routes adapted to your sensory disabilities: a walk through El Campillo (Cortados de Rivas) and the Path of the Lagunillas (Chapinería).

The old railroad tracks are now paths

You can use the railroad tracks to discover hidden corners either walking or by bike. These are the Green Tracks, which thanks to the Foundation of Spanish Trains they have been upgraded for the tourism.

The green tracks, suitable for disable people, have bike and tandem bike renting services. In the Region of Madrid there are five green routes, join us and discover them.

Learn more: http://www.viasverdes.com/

If you need a guide, the Region of Madrid is your destination

The itinerary through the former mills of La Hiruela, a walk through the Campiñas of Jarama and Tajuña Rivers, the Ecological Path of Canencia - where you can enjoy amazing and uncommon tree species like the Douglas fir -, an spectacular tour around the Monastery of El Paular, a tour into La Pedriza and its granite landscape, the Schid Path - which is part of the Camino de Santiago of Madrid -, enjoy the Valley of the Fuenfría with its Roman road, the viewpoints of the poets of the clock of Camilo José Cela, the climbing to the Machota Baja from the Chair of Felipe II, the Mill of the Perales River, the Peña of Cadalso de los Vidrios, the Green route of Guadarrama, take a walk through the gardens of Aranjuez, the Lagoon of San Juan located in the surroundings of Chinchón, the vegetation of the riverside of Villamanrique de Tajo or the route of the Arabic Castle in Alcalá de Henares are some examples. You can come to the Tourism Offices of the Region of Madrid to learn more.

Prepare your map, boots, backpack or bicycle and travel around Madrid. The fresh air is waiting for you, the Nature and you adventure instinct.


If you are going to practice hiking, the Region of Madrid gives you some advices that you must follow:

  • Consult before beginning the tour the forecast. Especially if you travel during winter and mountain areas.
  • Wear suitable clothes and shoes.
  • We recommend you to bring water and, depending on the duration of the tour, food is also recommendedPark your car in places suitable for it, and drive only in allowed roads.
  • Park your car in places suitable for it, and drive only in allowed roads.
  • Always follow the path.
  • Do not enter into private properties.
  • If during the tour you find doors or gates, be sure that you close them.
  • Read the regulations regarding the paths that go through protected areas.
  • Try not to disturb the fauna and other visitors.
  • In case you go with your pet, make sure that you can go with him and in which conditions (strap, muzzle, etc.).

It is forbidden:

  • To disturb the fauna.
  • To collect vegetables and minerals and haunt animals, their eggs or their offspring.
  • The picture haunting of determined protected species, except if you have authorization.
  • Throw garbage.
  • To make fire or throw cigarette ends.

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Image credits: ©Hugo Fernández. Region of Madrid