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Establecimientos centenarios

Reliving the past between the walls of a restaurant is an experience you can enjoy in centenary restaurants in Madrid. Years of history between the walls of some taverns and restaurants, remaining old recipes from their ancestors. Between tradition and modernity, we can travel back in time and relive conversations with Galdos or Valle Inclan, take glasses of wine with Hemingway and be witnesses of king attacks.

The oldest restaurant in the world

Goya worked in their kitchens as a dishwasher, Hemingway and Truman Capote tasted their delicious menus ... history is felt in its nice lounges!  Botín, 1725, at the Habsburg Madrid, surround you from the moment you cross its old door. It appears in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest restaurant in the world. Roasted made in a wood oven are its specialty.

More Madrid style restaurants

Los Galayos restaurant was opened in 1894. It has decorated rooms with a traditional and elegant style. You will find two great terraces inside the heart of Madrid: Plaza Mayor. High quality Spanish cuisine and masterfully brewed beer.

Generation of ‘98, ‘27, doctors or politicians where part of the gatherings of Café Gijón, including names like Ramón y Cajal, Pérez Galdós, Pío Baroja, Gregorio Marañón or Severo Ochoa. Located in Paseo de Recoletos 21, was opened in 1888. One of the more bohemian atmosphere of Madrid we can taste a typical Madrid breakfast: chocolat with croutons (picatostes), cider hake or paella.

Located in Carrera de San Jerónimo 8, since 1839 Lhardy shows us sumptuous halls, witnesses of the last 175 years through a Madrid and Mediterranean style cuisine. The menu rescues the best traditional recipes as their mythical Madrid cocido. They have several private rooms for celebrations and group meals.

Since 1870 La Bola (c/Bola 5) restaurant bring the traditional Madrid cuisine, a great variety of food associated to the history of Madrid cooked with charcoal. Among its specialities is the Madrid Cocido, lamb, of hoak you will taste in their old halls.

Casa Labra is located close to Puerta del Sol (C/Tetuán, 12). Is a hundred year tavern unchanged since 1860. The tavern was witness of the underground foundation of PSOE by Pablo Iglesias. The service is divided in two stages: te food (tapas) is asked in a kind of box officeand the drinks in the bar. The specialty is the cod: fried or in croquettes. Taste the delicious"soldaditos de pavía".

Only the entrance move us to an old Madrid. La Bodega de la Ardosa, opened in 1892, is a typical tavern of the Malasaña neighborhood full of photos witnessing their history. A commerce where their plates and tapas are delicious, mainly the. In 1980s decade the tavern specialized in beer, being the first to bring the ceck beer to Madrid. Also the vermouth is a great option to drink.

Tavern keeper in Madrid since 1906, La Casa del Abuelo is the place to go if you want to know the tapas of Madrid, with a good wine or a beer. They say that Andy Warhol was seen on the bar every time he came to Madrid accompanied by a glass of wine. His specialty is shrimp cooked in practically all its variety.

In the heart of Madrid, plaza de Cascorro, and traditional since 1895, Malacatín restaurant is one of the Madrid Cocido temples, don’t miss the tripe and the wine. A few tables for a great service.

Front the old Town Hall (Casa de la Villa), in Mayor street, we find Casa Ciriaco, opened in 1897. The restaurant was witnessed the attack on the royal wedding entourage of Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia. Its walls are decorated with many pictures. "Chicken fricassee (pepitoria de gallina)" is their signature dish, keeping its recipe for over 100 years.

A symbol of Madrid and the Spanish food: Casa Pedro. They offer a great cuisine since 1702 (although not recognized by the Guinness). You will find a great variety of halls and private rooms, a terrace and a cellar.

Located in the same building where Miguel de Cervantes lived, in the Huertas street, we find Casa Alberto. Opened in 1827, you can taste all its classic recipes like tripe, ox tail and Madrid cod.

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Image credits: ©Region of Madrid