Turismo Madrid

Ruta de la Tapa

The word “tapa” is probably one of the Spanish more famous words in the world... and of course, if you land in Madrid you will nothave to miss them.

The tapas' origin was on the 13th century, the king Alfonso X "The Wise" ordered to serve a piece of food with the drinks in the taverns. Preventing the alcohol effects...

Cheese, anchovies, olives, ham, Madrid tripe, spicy potatoes or fried calamari are some typical tapas, usually served with beer, wine or vermouth. Ideal for lunch between meals, or, tapa after tapa, we can finish eating or dining.

Other dishes of the culinary tradition as paella, the octopus, fried fish ... and many more can be enjoyed in some wineries in the capital.

Essential tapas

If you want to practice you have learnt about tapas, you should go for a walk in the downtown, paying attention in the Latina Neighborhood.

Near Puerta del Sol we find La Alhambra, Casa Labra (you can taste the cod) or El Venencia (only serves sherry), are some places you will not miss.

Near Santa Ana a square you will find modern and creative tapas. An example is Los Gatos, located in the Huertas Neighborhood.

Another remarkable destination is the San Miguel market, offering a wide variety of tapas.

¡Last, ypu should not leave Madrid without tasting tapas in Latina neighborhood! Taverns like Txacolí or la Peonza offer the ves flavors from all the regions of Spain in little format: tapas.


Image credits: ©Juan Castro. Region of Madrid