Turismo Madrid


They say Madrid never sleeps. If you decide to party, it will be easy to find late night clubs. Neighborhoods such as Argüelles, Lavapies, Malasaña or Huertas, have a variety of musical styles and different settings, giving a cosmopolitan city atmosphere for everyone. Big clubs or small bars with live music, follow us in a brief tour for the best areas to live the Madrid nightlife!

We start in the Moncloa – Argüelles neighborhood, a wide space defined by Moncloa Square, Alberto Aguilera Street and Quevedo Square. In this district you will not only find tapas bars, but a variety of settings styles where you could find the establishment that matches your needs. It is a university neighborhood, full of young people where the students enjoy its bars. The building named "Bajos de Argüelles" has several pubs making a big offer, like "Chapandaz", a good pub to have a cocktail like their panther milk ("leche de pantera").

Next we find Plaza de Alonso Martínez – Bilbao, an area with a lot of breweries and terraces. Here, you will find several pubs and discos frequented by young people from any country, existing a diverse offering. In this district, highlights "El Junco", with an eclectic and interesting program, "El Búho Real" or "Autores". You can finish in some clubs like "Pachá Madrid" or "But".

Other highlighted area is Huertas, centered around Santa Ana Street, Huertas Street surrounding streets, you will find the bigger concentration of bars in Madrid. You can start the evening tasting the famous tapas and attend a Jazz or Flamenco live shows in places like "Café Central" or "Think". There is a varied audience: tourists, business men or students. If you want more, you will find some of the best known clubs in Madrid, "Palacio de Gaviria", "Joy Eslava" or "Kapital".

Don't miss the nightlife in the Castellana – Avenida de Brasil area, the heart of the business district in Madrid. There, you will find a lively atmosphere all the day. In the summertime, you have to enjoy the crowd terraces. The Azca area, the financial heart of Madrid and Avenida de Brasil you will find a lot of bars and clubs, highlighting "Moby Dick", "Mármara", "69 Pétalos" or "Lemon".

In Chueca you will find one of the Gay districts more famous in the world. Fun is granted in its streets around Plaza de Chueca. The new neighbors give a different breath to this old-depressed neighborhood and poorly recommended to the tourist. Since 1990s decade, this area has become in a trendy and modern area. This spirit is reflected in its bars, pubs and restaurants, like "Museo Chicote" in Gran Vía. Although there are a lot of gay pubs and clubs, some of the famous are "Why Not", "Black & White" and "Ohm".

Best Rock and independent music is listened in Malasaña. Around "Plaza del 2 de Mayo" is located a rock and alternative area, a classic in the Madrid nightlife. This neighborhood was cradle of the named "movida madrilène" in the 198o's, gathering distinct style of people, merging the last urban trends. In this district you will find live music in a lot of pubs, with affordable prizes, the highlighted pubs are "La Vía Láctea", "Corto Maltés" or "Taboo".

We cannot miss the Madrid style setting we find in La Latina. Near Puerta del Sol The streets preserve the old spirit and a wide variety of different styles. If the weather is good, choose a terrace or enter in the most traditional taverns. Streets such as Toledo, Segovia and Cava Baja are the main axis. The district has a strong bohemian style, where you will find the modern and old concept mixed, thanks to the conversion of old breweries and bars in trendy pubs and clubs. The average age is higher than 30, La Latina shows the best face at the beginning of the night, although you will find some clubs opening late night, like "Café Marula".

Last, we want to remark Lavapies, a multi-ethnic neighborhood where you will be able to enter in different styles around the world, in Madrid downtown. The Madrid tradition, the styles brought by inmigrants and the artists create an heterogeneous and interesting setting. Argumosa street terraces ins the best place to start the night tasting tapas and something to drink. In theis district you can find out establishment like "Bodegas Lo Máximo", "Candela" or "Escalera de Jacob".

Madrid waits you. Join us!

Image credits: ©Comunicación Grupo Viva las Vegas - Barbara Ann (Alonso Martínez)