Turismo Madrid


The most modern design, bohemian and avant-garde has its own place in Madrid. You will find it in the neighborhoods of Malasaña, Chueca, Triball and Salesas. Here you have a wide range of possibilities and many shopping options. These are neighborhoods that have become popular in a very short period and from them there have emerged audacious and reformer businesses. We reveal all the secrets of the forefront of Madrid.

All over the area you will find many little shops that stand out due to their originality speaking about "trendy".

Streets like Fuencarral host many shops from Spanish designers, sportive brands and "street urban" style shops. The decoration is also present in Fuencarral, from the functional Japanese design to the sensual aroma of the candles.

The Triball project

The well known as Ballesta triangle, is a neighborhood completely renovated that put all its effort on being more than a shopping area, it pretends to be an area full of fresh and innovative ideas. Always maintaining the idea of a sustainable neighborhood, where the ecological culture, by means of good environmental practices regarding transport, waste management, water consumption... This is Triball, a unique space that you must experience!

The former commercial stores have been replaced by emerging creators and designers. Clothing, accessories and decoration stores and creative gastronomic proposals, everything has place in Triball.

Chueca, a shopping rainbow

Very close to the Triball neighborhood we will find Chueca. This central gay neighborhood of Madrid is one of the most Cosmopolitan and Forefront of the capital. You will be able to find presents, clothes, accessories, gay theme accessories...

For example, you will find two of the most important libraries specialized in the gay matter. These are Berkana and "A Different Life", where apart from books, CD's and DVD's you will find a wide range of memories and presents decorated with the rainbow flag.

Also, in the neighborhood, new concepts of stores with multifunctional spaces are emerging. There you will find delicatessen products from all over the World, together with the most recent fashion trends or having a drink of Moët & Chandon, everything in the same place.

Las Salesas: an alternative haute couture corner

Close to Chueca we will find the Salesas area, where we will find an area of haute couture but with a different environment.

In this neighborhood you will find decoration stores and design boutiques of fashion young talents. Although there are still shops like Devota y Lomba with their showroom place in San Mateo street that have been there for many years setting trends.

In the Barquillo Street beyond the image and sound shops, you will also find exclusive and original clothing stores, from colourful T-shirts to the most cared pieces. Furthermore, you will always have surprises, like some bakery that will make you happier with delicious and handmade sweet and salty cakes.


Being in the forefront demands continuous updating, and the organization of all kind of events. Check our shopping agenda and do not miss anything.

For example, the Fashion Night Out, since 2009, during one night brings the best sales in a fashion and luxury environment. The Nómada Market is another event that gives the opportunity to independent designers to trade with their designs in a fair organized in Chamartín station. The Molly Market is a street market of independent talents in an underground environment, where handmade products are sold.

If you are into the design, Matadero Madrid turns into the best entrepreneur, sustainable and affordable art and design showroom every first weekend of the month in the so called Mercado Central de Diseño (Central Design Maket).